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Kamwo-Herb Guide-pinyin pronunciation-Ban Xia (Zhi)-Pinelliae Rhizoma preparatum

Ban Xia (Zhi) 製半夏

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Pharm Name Pinelliae Rhizoma preparatum
Common Name Pinellia Rhizome(processed)
Category Resolve Phlegm & Stop Cough
Subcategory Warm & Resolve Cold-Phlegm
Taste Acrid, Toxic
Temperature Warm
Pao Zhi Ginger-prepared to reduce toxicity, alter its properties to dry & warm (instead of hot & acrid), boost its dry damp & transform phlegm actions, direct qi downward & alleviate nausea. This form of preparation is best for cough & rebellious qi due to cold-phlegm, or phlegm and thin-mucus due to Spleen deficiency.
  1. Dries dampness and dissolves phlegm: used to treat coughing with copious sputum, chest oppression, vertigo, nausea and vomiting, and other phlegm or damp conditions marked by a greasy tongue coat.
  2. Redirects Stomach qi downward: to relieve nausea and vomiting due to Stomach obstruction by phlegm. The processed herb is safe to use during pregnancy for these symptoms.
  3. Shrinks nodules and unblocks phlegm stagnation: to treat plum-pit qi, goiter, scrofula, chest oppression, or conditiond of phlegm stuck anywhere in the body.
  4. Heals the skin: used topically for ulcers, abscesses, sores, cancers, and swollen tongue.
Treatment Principles

Dries Dampness
Dissolves Phlegm
Redirects Stomach Qi Downward
Stops Nausea and Vomiting
Shrinks Nodules
Unblocks Phlegm Stagnation
Heals the Skin

Contraindication Use extreme caution with all bleeding conditions, yin deficiency cough, hot phlegm, and fire conditions.  Incompatible with Wu Tou, Cao Wu, Chuan Wu, and Fu Zi. Allergies to this herb have been reported.
Dosages 4.5-12g. Ban Xia is always sold processed (with ginger, vinegar or alumen) which removes its toxic properties.  
Meridians LU, SP, ST
Tom Leung's
  1. Ban Xia is the premier herb to address phlegm. Its moderate temperature allows it to be used in Hot and Cold Phlegm.
  2. Ban Xia is commonly used for substantial as well as insubstantial phlegm.
  3. Ban Xia’s ability to descend Qi is a prominent secondary function. It is one of the major herbs used for vomiting.
  4. Last function of healing the skin is archaic. Modern day practitioners do not use it for such purposes.
  5. Ban Xia is the processed form of the herb. Sheng Ban Xia is extremely toxic and rarely used.

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