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 Meridian Soup Remedies
 Radical Roots
 Meridian Extracts Vacuum Pack
 Get needles and bio-hazard containers from Kamwo, then drop off full sharps containers for disposal
 Additional .50 off per unit on orders of 7 or more
 Additional 0.75 off each unit on order of 10 or more
 Vac Pack 2 Day Low-Cost Express
 Dermatology M
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 Meridian Essential Sale
 Meridian Remedies Sale
 Holistic Hemp CBD
 10-15% Off on orders of 24 or more units!
 Free UPS Ground Shipping on qualifying orders over $125
 Low Cost 2 Days Express
 Meridian Tea Kitchen Sale
 5-15% Off on orders of 5 or more units!
 10% off Zheng Gu Tui Na orders over $300