Hubei #9 Pneumonia Phase (Toxic-Stag Obstructing the Lungs)

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Shi Gao 石膏 (Gypsum Fibrosum) 30g

Zhi Mu 知母 (Rhizoma Anemarrhenae) 10g

Shan Yao 山药 (Rhizoma Dioscoreae) 15g

Xi Yang Shen 西洋参 (Radix Panacis Quinquefolii) 5g

Tu Fu Ling 土茯苓 (Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae) 30g

*Tu Da Huang 土大黄 (Radix Rumicis Obtusifolii) 10g

**Tu Bei Mu 土贝母 (Rhizoma Bolbostemmatis) 10g

***Tu Niu Xi 土牛膝 (Rhizoma Achyranthes Sylvestris) 10g

Su Mu 苏木 (Lignum Sappan) 10g

Tu Bie Chong 土鳖 (Eupolyphaga seu Steleophaga) 10g

Ju Luo 橘络 (Vascular Citri Reticulatae) 15g

Lai Fu Zi 莱菔子 (Semen Raphani) 20g

Ting Li Zi 葶苈子(Semen Descurainiae seu Lepidii) 15g

Si Gua Luo 丝瓜络 (Retinervus Luffae Fructus) 30g

*sugg substitute: Da Huang 大黄 (Radix et Rhizoma Rhei)

**sugg substitute: Zhe Bei Mu 浙贝母 (Thunberg Fritillary Bulb)

***sugg substitute: Chuan Niu Xi 川牛膝 (Radix Cyathulae)