Postpartum Beauty Restoration Bone Soup with Lu Rong (Deer Velvet

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Postpartum Beauty Restoration Bone Soup with Lu Rong (Deer Velvet) 

Tonifies Qi, Blood, & Essence to Restore Beauty

Two packets/unit. Each packet makes 8 cups of soup.

Childbearing takes much Qi, Blood, & Essence out of the mother to give to the child. It is a very important time for postpartum moms to rest and restore those vital substances to restore beauty. Postpartum beauty restoration by tonifying is very well established in Chinese medicine, it is often the responsibility of the mother-in-law to oversee this process. Deer Velvet, Angelica Root, and American Ginseng are just some of the ingredients in our version of this age-old recipe.

The power of medicinal herbs combined with the goodness of bone soups is an age-old tradition of Food as Medicine. Meridian Soup Remedies embodies this spirit and brings it to you in an easy to use preparation.

  • Great Taste
  • Easy measured-out ingredients
  • Vacuum packed for extended shelf-life
  • Detail cooking instructions on the package
  • Great for the entire family
  • Gluten-Free
  • Lab-tested herbs

Chicken & Pork or Beef Bones (Optional)

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Patent Formula Name
Alternative Name
Product Line
Dosage Forms
Unit Size
2 packets
4-5 cups of soup
Allergy Warning
animal derivative

Angelica Sinensis - Quan Dang Gui

American Ginseng - Xi Yang Shen

Rehmannia Root Tuber (Prepared) - Shu Di Huang

Paeoniae Radix Alba (Fried) - Chao Bai Shao

Atractylodis M. (Fried) - Chao Bai Zhu

Sichuan Lovage Rhizome - Chuan Xiong

Poria Sclerotium - Fu Ling

Jujubae Fructus - Hong Zao

Cervi Cornu Pantotrichum - Lu Rong