Clear Heat & Expel DampnessClear Heat & Resolve ToxicityClear Heat & TransformClear Heat From DeficiencyClear Heat From OrgansClear Qi Level HeatClear Ying & Cool BloodDirect Rebellious Qi DownwardDispel Summerheat & Augment QiDispel Summerheat & Facilitate The Resolition Of DampnessDispel Summerheat & Resolve The ExteriorDispel Wind-DampnessDredge & Disperse External WindDrive Out Excess WaterDry Dampness & Transform PhlegmEnrich The Yin & Moisten DrynessExpel ParasitesGently Disperse & Moisten DrynessHarmonize Lesser Yang Warp DisordersHarmonize Liver & SpleenHarmonize Stomach & IntestinesInduce VomitingInvigorate The Blood & Dispel Blood StasisMoisten Dryness & Transform PhlegmNourish & Tonify The YinNourish The Heart (Blood & Yin) & Calm The SpiritPacify & Extinguish Internal WindPromote The Movement Of QiPromote Urination & Leach Out DampnessPurge Heat AccumulationReduce Food Accumulation & Transform StagnationReduce Food Stagnation But Also TonifyRelease Early Stage Exterior DisordersRelease Exterior Disorders With Interior DeficiencyRelease The Exterior & Clear The InteriorRelease The Exterior & Purge The InteriorRelease Wind ColdRelease Wind HeatRescue Devastated YangSecure Irregular Uterine Bleeding & Stop Vaginal DischargeSecure The Essence & Stop EnuresisSedate & Calm The SpiritSimultaneously Attack & TonifySimultaneously Clear Heat From The Qi & Blood LevelsStabilize The Exterior & Stop SweatingStop BleedingTonify Both The Yin & YangTonify The BloodTonify The QiTonify The Qi & BloodTransform Dampness & Harmonize The StomachTransform Phlegm & Extinguish WindTREAT Internal ABSCESSESWarm & Open The Sensory OrificesWarm & PurgeWarm & Tonify The YangWarm & Transform Water & DampnessWarm The Channels & Disperse ColdWarm The Middle & Dispel Cold