An Gong Niu Huang WanBa Wei Di Huang WanBa Zhen TangBa Zheng SanBai He Gu Jin TangBai Hu Jia Cang Zhu TangBai Hu Jia Ren Shen TangBai Hu TangBai Tou Weng TangBai Wei Dai Xia FangBai Ye TangBai Zi Yang Xin WanBan Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma TangBan Xia Hou Po TangBan Xia Xie Xin TangBao He WanBao Yuan TangBei Mu Gua Lou SanBei Xie Fen Qing YinBi Yu SanBu Fei E Jiao TangBu Fei TangBu Yang Huan Wu TangBu Zhong Yi Qi TangCang Er Zi SanChai Ge Jie Ji TangChai Hu Gui Zhi TangChai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li TangChai Hu Shu Gan SanChai Hu Si Wu TangChuan Xiong Cha Tiao SanCi Zhu WanCong Chi TangDa Bu Yin WanDa Chai Hu TangDa Cheng Qi TangDa Ding Feng ZhuDa Huang Fu Zi TangDa Huang Mu Dan TangDa Jian Zhong TangDa Qing Long TangDa Xian Xiong TangDa Yuan YinDan Shen YinDang Gui Bu Xue TangDang Gui Liu Huang TangDang Gui Nian Tong TangDang Gui SanDang Gui Shao Yao SanDang Gui Si Ni TangDang Gui Yin ZiDao Chi SanDi Huang Yin ZiDi Tan TangDie Da WanDing Chuan TangDing Xian WanDing Xiang Shi Di TangDing Zhi WanDu Huo Ji Sheng TangE Jiao Ji Zi Huang TangEr Chen TangEr Miao SanEr Xian TangEr Zhi WanEr Zhu TangFang Feng Tong Sheng SanFang Ji Huang Qi TangFei Er WanFu Yuan Huo Xue TangFu Zi Li Zhong WanFu Zi Xie Xin TangGan Cao Xie Xin TangGan Lu Xiao Du DanGan Lu YinGan Mai Da Zao TangGe Gen Huang Lian Huang Qin TangGe Gen TangGe Xia Zhu Yu TangGu Chong TangGu Jing WanGua Di SanGua Lou Xie Bai Bai Jiu TangGua Lou Zhi Shi TangGui Ling Gan Lu YinGui Pi TangGui Zhi Fu Ling WanGui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li TangGui Zhi Jia Shao Yao TangGui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu TangGui Zhi TangGun Tan WanHai Zao Yu Hu TangHei Xi DanHou Po Wen Zhong TangHu Qian WanHua Chong WanHuai Hua SanHuan Shao DanHuang Lian E Jiao TangHuang Lian Jie Du TangHuang Lian Wen Dan TangHuang Long TangHuang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wu TangHuang Qi Jian Zhong TangHuang Tu TangHui Chun DanHuo Luo Xiao Ling DanHuo Xiang Zheng Qi SanHuo Xiang Zheng Qi TangJi Chuan JianJi Ming SanJi Sheng Shen Qi WanJia Jian Wei Rui TangJia Wei Er Chen TangJia Wei Xiang Su SanJia Wei Xiao Yao SanJian Pi WanJiao Ai TangJin Gui Shen Qi WanJin Ling Zi SanJin Shui Liu Jun JianJin Suo Gu Jing WanJing Fang Bai Du SanJiu Wei Qiang Huo TangJu He WanJu Pi Zhu Ru TangJuan Bi TangLi Zhong WanLiang Fu WanLiang Ge SanLing Gui Zhu Gan TangLing Jiao Gou Teng TangLiu An JianLiu He TangLiu Jun Zi TangLiu Shen SanLiu Wei Di Huang WanLiu Yi SanLong Dan Xie Gan TangMa Huang TangMa Huang Xi Xin Fu Zi TangMa Xing Shi Gan TangMa Zi Ren WanMai Men Dong TangMai Wei Di Huang WanMing Mu Di Huang WanMu Li SanMu Xiang Bing Lang WanPing Wei SanPu Ji Xiao Du YinQi Bao Mei Ran DanQi Ju Di Huang WanQi Li SanQi Pi WanQian Zheng SanQiang Huo Sheng Shi TangQiang Lan TangQing Fei TangQing Gu SanQing Hao Bie Jia TangQing Qi Hua Tan TangQing Qi Hua Tan WanQing Re Zhi Beng TangQing Shang Fang Feng TangQing Shu Yi Qi TangQing Wei SanQing Wen Bai Du YinQing Ying TangQing Zao Jiu Fei TangRen Shen Bai Du SanRen Shen Dang Shao SanRen Shen Ge Jie SanRen Shen Yang Rong TangRun Chang WanSan Ao TangSan Jia Fu Mai TangSan Ren TangSan Wu Bei Ji WanSan Zhong Kui Jian TangSan Zi Yang Qin TangSang Ju YinSang Piao Xiao SanSang Xing TangShao Fu Zhu Yu TangShao Yao Gan Cao TangShao Yao TangShen Fu TangShen Ling Bai Zhu SanShen Qi WanShen Su YinShen Tong Zhu Yu TangSheng Hua TangSheng Ma Ge Gen TangSheng Mai SanShi Gao TangShi Hu Ye Guang WanShi Hui SanShi Liu Wei Liu Qi YinShi Pi YinShi Quan Da Bu TangShi Quan Da Bu WanShi Wei Bai Du SanShi Wei Wen Dan TangShi Xiao SanShi Zao TangShou Tai WanShu Gan TangShu Jing Huo Xue TangSi Jun Zi TangSi Miao WanSi Ni Jia Ren Shen TangSi Ni SanSi Ni TangSi Shen WanSi Wu TangSu He Xiang WanSu Zi Jiang Qi TangSuan Zao Ren TangSuo Quan WanTao He Cheng Qi TangTao Hong Si Wu TangTao Hua TangTian Ma Gou Teng YinTian Tai Wu Yao SanTian Wang Bu Xin DanTiao Wei Cheng Qi TangTong Mai Si Ni TangTong Qiao Huo Xue TangTong Xie Yao FangTu Si Zi WanWan Dai TangWei Jing TangWei Ling TangWen Dan TangWen Jing TangWu Lin SanWu Ling San<Wu Mei SanWu Mei WanWu Pi SanWu Pi YinWu Wei Xiao Du YinWu Zhu Yu TangXi Jiao Di Huang TangXiang Lian WanXiang Ru SanXiang Sha Liu Jun Zi TangXiang Sha Ping Wei SanXiang Sha Yang Wei TangXiang Sheng Po Di WanXiang Su SanXiao Chai Hu TangXiao Cheng Qi TangXiao Feng SanXiao Huo Lou DanXiao Huo Luo DanXiao Ji Yin ZiXiao Jian Zhong TangXiao Luo WanXiao Qing Long TangXiao Xian Xiong TangXiao Xu Ming TangXiao Yao SanXie Bai SanXie Huang SanXie Xin TangXin Yi Qing Fei YinXin Yi SanXing Su SanXuan Bi TangXue Fu Zhu Yu TangYan Hu Suo TangYang He TangYang Xin TangYang Yin Qing Fei TangYi Gan SanYi Guan JianYi Huang TangYi Yi Ren TangYi Yuan SanYin Chen Hao TangYin Chen Wu Ling SanYin Qiao Ma Bo SanYin Qiao SanYou Gui WanYou Gui YinYu Dai WanYu Nu JianYu Ping Feng SanYu Quan WanYu Ye TangYu Zhen SanYue Bi TangYue Ju WanZai Zao SanZan Yu DanZeng Ye Cheng Qi TangZeng Ye TangZhe Chong YinZhen Gan Xi Feng TangZhen Wu TangZheng Gu Zi Jin DanZhi Bai Di Huang WanZhi Gan Cao TangZhi Jing SanZhi Shi Dao Zhi WanZhi Sou SanZhi Zi Chi TangZhi Zi Dou Chi TangZhou Che WanZhu Ling TangZhu Ru Wen Dan TangZhu Sha An Shen WanZhu Ye Shi Gao TangZi Shen Ming Mu TangZi Xue DanZi Yin Jiang Huo TangZuo Gui WanZuo Gui YinZuo Jin Wan

Liang Ge San


  • Translation

    Cool the Diaphragm Powder

  • Formula Type

    Clear Heat & Resolve Toxicity

  • Actions

    Drains Fire and Unblocks the Bowels by Clearing the Upper Burner and Draining the Middle Burner

  • Source

    Formulary of the Pharmacy Service Benefiting the People of the Taiping Era (1107)

  • Indication

    Sensation of heat and irritability in the chest and abdomen, delirious speech (in severe cases), thirst, flushed face, red lip, mouth and tongue sores, sore throat, swollen tongue, red eyes, nosebleed, constipation, dark, scanty urine, red tongue body or edges with a dry, yellow, or white coating, and a rapid, possibly slippery pulse.
    For the pattern of formed or accumulated heat in the middle burner, and unformed or blazing heat in the upper burner.

  • Contraindication

    1. The use of this formula can easily injure the Spleen and Stomach Qi. The dosage of Radix et Rhizoma Rhei (Da Huang)and Mirabilitum (Mang Xiao) should therefore be reduced or omitted altogether once the constipation has been alleviated, or upon the appearance of mild abdominal pain, pus in the stool, and reduced energy.
    2. This formula is appropriate only for conditions of heat excess in the upper and middle burners, and is contraindicated during pregnancy and for patients who are very weak.